About us

Jyoti Events has a professional team of skilled event managers. It is full-fledged workshop with innovative ideas.

The managers of Jyoti Events have had the exposure to seminars of national & international level.

Let Jyoti Events plan your next event. Whether it is a wedding ceremony, party, seminar, Conference, Workshop or a Symposium. Jyoti Events will work to turn dream event into a reality while working within your estimate.

We let you be free of worries and concerns that could shroud your thoughts while hosting an event. While you enjoy an important moment in your life we ensure everything is planned and organized just the way you desire.

We also provide a wide variety of creative ideas and impart current trends and styles to your setting. We offer you a wide variety of choice in the type of event you wish to host to ensure it befits your image and lifestyle. We believe in making every event a one-of a kind memory to all those present at the event.

If you are looking at coordinating events, managing vendors, creating a project plan, creating an event itinerary, managing risks and issues and flawless execution of any event from start to finish you can entrust all your concerns to Jyoti Event Organizer and feel free to enjoy a memorable moment in your life.

Jyoti Events can conceive, plan and execute all the arrangements from invitations, registrations, program and publicity. We think for you…